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Humongous on Switch


Humongous on PlayStation 4

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Things have gone wild at the Cartown Zoo!

Today's the grand opening of the Cartown Zoo and all the baby animals are missing. Putt-Putt® and Pep need your help to reunite the little ones with their parents before Outback Al can open the gates. 

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Wham BOOM BLAM boing!

Mr. Firebird's time machine has gone haywire and Putt-Putt's® best pal Pep, is lost somewhere in time. Grab your compass! Putt-Putt® needs your help to find him.

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Find Grandma Grouper's kelp seeds!

Help underwater detective Freddi Fish solve the case. Discover fascinating places like King Crab's Castle and A Sunken Ship Out of Time, in an effort to save the reef.

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Who is haunting the schoolhouse?

Good thing super-sleuths Freddi Fish and Luther are on the case.  To reach their goal the two friends need your help to find a few things and uncover the ghost!

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The Great Conch Shell has been stolen!

You'll join Freddi and Luther as they explore ancient ruins, play games at a fun-filled carnival and even discover a sunken airplane while looking for clues and finding adventure. 

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Freddi Fish and Luther need your Help!

Cousin Calico's prize-winning hogfish have been fishnapped by some hogfish rustlers! Help Freddi and Luther find the secret hideout, rescue the hogfish, and wrangle those rustlers.

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There's more to this than meets the eye!

A mysterious sea creature has been seen lurking inside Coral Cove Park. If the park is to open on time you have to help Freddi and Luther find the clues, solve the puzzles and get to the bottom of this watery predicament.

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Add a big splash of adventure to your life

Jump in to the new Freddi Fish collection and get all 5 full Freddi adventures for Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch! Help Freddi and her best friend Luther solve curious cases of undersea crime in these vibrant, award winning games!

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Pajama Sam fatefully faces his greatest fear!

Pajama Sam journeys into the land of darkness (his closet) to face his fears. Help Pajama Sam figure out who or what is behind the darkness and realize that there is no need to hide when it’s dark outside!

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Pajama Sam is back!

Sam’s spent one too many evenings cowering under the couch, so he sets out to conquer his fear of thunderstorms. It’s amazing what he finds high above the clouds. 

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Pajama Sam is off on a nutritious adventure!

Pajama Sam chases down some snickering cookies, only to find himself in the midst of a food squabble! Help Pajama Sam bring peace, and still make it home in time for dinner.

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Goat Milk?

The Plot: William the Kid has nearly completed his dastardly plan to cow-nap all the worlds supply of milk! The Mission: Using ingenious SPY gadgets, keen wits, and daring moves, SPY Fox, jumps out on an udderly exhilarating adventure!

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