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Catch Up with Old Friends


Putt-Putt is a little purple convertible who, with his best friend Pep, is ready and eager to help those in need and never hesitates to take on the big problems. Like the time the Cartown Zoo couldn't open because all the baby animals were missing (all of them...yikes!)  Always true to his nature, Putt Putt shows that kindness and cheerful determination save the day and inspire the best in everyone. We could use a few more cars like Putt Putt around!


As you know, Freddi is unlike other fish. Her keen interest in mysteries leads her to many varied and exotic locations with her best friend Luther, to uncover curious cases of undersea crime. Most other fish are worried about crime but aren't out there like Freddi, catching crooks and making the world a better place through both deductive and inductive reasoning.  Good on her!


While Sam may be afraid of the dark, thunder and lightning, fruits and veggies, and probably some other things we don't know about, he doesn't let fear stop him. Everyone gets scared sometimes, but like his cartoon hero, Pajama Man, Sam knows that it takes attitude to be a superhero. He dons his cape and he's ready to face his fears with courage, imagination, and even silliness if that's what it takes to get through a scary situation.

Pajama Sam is the hero we all want to be.


The ever-suave, conspicuously covert Spy Fox uses humor, logic, cubism, and high-tech gadgetry against a diabolical cast of villains and henchpersons determined to rule the world, because of course they are...what jerks. Thank heavens for Fox, and his global team of super agents ready at a moment's notice to get into...and get us out of...the world's biggest messes.


During the 1990s Humongous created the lavish and imaginative worlds of Putt Putt, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, Spy Fox and Fatty Bear (as well as Ben, Becky, and Buzzy) populating them with hundreds of uniquely silly, adorable, ironic, clever and sometimes weird characters in the course of producing 20 full adventure games.

Here are just a few of our favorite Humongous characters...

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