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Humongous Games Are Back and Bigger Than Ever!

Fans New and Old Love the Humongous Entertainment Brand and all its Iconic Characters and Gaming Titles

February 16, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA

Tommo Inc., a global game and entertainment company, has completed the acquisition of the Humongous Entertainment Brand and the majority of its assets, which was initially announced last summer during the Atari assets bankruptcy auction.

Humongous Entertainment was originally formed in 1992 and throughout a history of more than 20 years has sold well over 15 Million games to fans young and old who enjoyed their wonderful iconic characters, classic animated adventures and age appropriate challenging software.

“Humongous is a brand parents of today grew up with. It has always represented quality products and brands parents can trust to both entertain and educate their children. We’re committed to offering all of the classic titles and new products that meet these standards across multiple platforms and devices,” said Jonathan Wan, CEO of Tommo, Inc. “Today many of our most popular games are now available for download on the iTunes and Google Play and Amazon App Stores. To support the effort, we also launched this year and created Club Humongous where eager fans are able to discover the latest news and product releases.”

Response from fans at the iTunes store has been overwhelmingly positive

Putt-Putt Joins the Circus

Love this game. I grew up with the putt-putt games on the computer….I am happy to show these games to my little nephew and he seems to love them as well.”

Pajama Sam: Thunder and Lightning

“My Childhood Relived! I loved playing these games as a child! The way these games were integrated onto the iPad was very well done!

Spy Fox: Dry Cereal

Ok. So, understand that I grew up playing this game on my old Mac…. (It) has successfully made it to iPad…where it is just as new, ingenious and FUN as ever!!”

About Tommo:

Tommo Inc. was founded in 1989 and is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2014. Tommo is a worldwide publisher, licensor and manufacturer of games and accessories across multiple entertainment platforms. In 2013, Tommo acquired the Humongous Entertainment Brand and over 100 classic game IP’s from Atari, Inc., Tommo also owns the Tommo Mobile brand and is currently marketing an exclusive line of Sega®-themed mobile accessory products.

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